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Published: 25 August 2015

Visit from Turkish Society of Microbiology

As part of ASM’s interactions with other microbiology societies, Prof Ahmet Başustaoḡlu was welcomed to the ASM Conference in Canberra. Prof Başustaoḡlu, representing the Turkish Society of Microbiology, wrote two articles for last November’s issue of Microbiology Australia. The theme of that issue was ‘Microbial diseases and products that shaped world history’.

In Canberra he delivered a moving talk about the infections and infectious diseases affecting Turks in WWI and Turkey’s contributions to the development of vaccination practices. His talk was of great interest and attended by Turkish Embassy officials and guests. His powerpoint presentation has now been edited by Dr Ipek Kurtböke and is available for viewing at www.theasm.org.au.

Also during his visit he, along with Jon Iredell, Peter Traynor and Colonel Yıldırım Güneş, the Turkish Defence Attaché, laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial to honour the fallen soldiers. Also present were Ipek Kurtböke, and Ian and Jo Macreadie.

The wreath laying was part of the daily Last Post Ceremony. The full ceremony can be viewed at: https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/PAFU2015/304.01/ and https://static.awm.gov.au/video/PAFU2015/304.01.mp4.

Jon Iredell and Ahmet Başustaoḡlu.
Yıldırım Güneş, Peter Traynor, Jon Iredell and Ahmet Başustaoḡlu.
Peter Traynor, Ahmet Başustaoḡlu Yıldırım Güneş, Ipek Kurtböke, Jo Macreadie and Ian Macreadie.
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