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Published: 4 May 2018

Vertical Transmission

Roy Robins-Browne

President of ASM

Dear fellow microbiologists

I suspect that this is my last contribution to Microbiology Australia in my present role.

Let me start by saying that it has been a tremendous honour and a privilege to serve you as your President. In the past few years I have learned much about how our Society works and hopefully have contributed something towards its progress. Most importantly, I have worked with some truly talented people who have guided and assisted me along the way. Foremost amongst these are members of the Executive Committee: Jon Iredell (whom my voice recognition software identified as ‘John Ideal’), Dena Lyras, Cheryl Power, Jack Wang, Kate Seib and Rebecca LeBard.

In July, Jon, Dena and Jack will be stepping down from their current roles and we need to thank all three for their dedication to the Society and their selfless contributions. Dena will not be leaving the Exec, however, as she is due to take over from me as President. It is reassuring to know that ASM’s future is in such good hands, together with those of Kate and Rebecca as our new Vice Presidents for Scientific Affairs and Communications, respectively,

I also want to thank all the other members of Council (our State Branch Chairs and Chairs of Standing Committees), as well as the members of these committees and the members of the Editorial Board of Microbiology Australia. As a Society we are also indebted to those members who represent ASM on National and State Advisory Committees and Boards. Special thanks are due to our scientific advisors: Linda Blackall, Heidi Drummer, Tom Riley, Mark Schembri and Deb Williamson, for their wisdom and support. ASM is fortunate to have such an amazingly talented group of people to call upon.

I would like to single out for special thanks Kara Taglieri from ASN Events for keeping me in line, and ensuring that (almost) everything I had to do happened on time.

This would not be a complete communication from me if I didn’t remind you of our forthcoming Annual Scientific Meeting in Brisbane – a great place to visit in midwinter. Weather aside, the Local Organising Committee under the skilled leadership of Kate Seib has compiled fantastic scientific and social programs, which are certain to inform and delight all those who attend. If you haven’t already registered, please do so at: http://asmmeeting.theasm.org.au/.

Lastly, I would like to thank all ASM members for your support and wish you and our Society all the very best for the future.

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