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Published: 29 February 2016

2016 ASM Communication Ambassador Program

The ASM is looking for teams of student and ECR members to volunteer as part of a roster of Communication Ambassadors within the society, who will:

  1. Be in charge of ASM’s online communication channels together with a team of ASM members, bolstering the society’s networks by sharing your story with scientists, industry, media members and policy makers;

  2. Effectively represent the society by using these channels to showcase your work, reveal personal insights into your scientific career, and serve as a public advocate for microbiology.

We are looking for enthusiastic members who are keen to contribute. To apply for the 2016 program, please submit an Expression of Interest (maximum 200 words) to admin@theasm.com.au by 31 March 2016 and highlight the following:

  1. Your name, institution, qualifications, area of interest within microbiology, and ASM membership status;

  2. Your strategy for broadening ASM’s online presence and collaborating with other communication ambassadors;

  3. What conferences, scientific meetings, or events you can provide social media coverage for in 2016.

Successful applicants for the 2016 Communication Ambassador program will receive a $100 discount for registration to the 2016 ASM Annual Scientific Meeting (3–6 July 2016, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre).

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