New Phytophthoras in Western Australia’s natural ecosystems

Phytophthora spp. are recognised as important plant pathogens. Ten new and genetically diverse species, not previously reported from elsewhere, have recently been described from natural ecosystems in Western Australia (WA): Phytophthora multivora1; P. elongata; P. thermophila, P. gregata, P. gibbosa, P. litoralis; P. arenaria, P. constricta; P. fluvialis; and P. amnicola. They were identified by DNA sequencing of recent and historical isolates from the WA Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC). Several additional new taxa await description. New records for WA of at least eight other Phytophthora taxa that are known overseas, some of them as yet undescribed, have also been confirmed: P. inundata; P. taxon niederhauserii, P. taxon asparagi, P. taxon PgChlamydo, P. taxon personii; P. taxon salixsoil; P. palmivora and P. rosacearum. Furthermore, numerous Phytophthora hybrids have been identified in natural vegetation and waterways in WA. The phylogenetic relationships of the new WA Phytophthora taxa, with their nearest relatives, are shown in Figure 1.

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Microbiology Australia 33 (Issue 1)

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