The impact of ticks and tick-borne diseases on native animal species in Australia

Ectoparasites are a leading cause of arthropod-borne disease in animals, and humans. Defined as arthropods which spend an entire portion of their life cycle on the host, ectoparasites include the ticks and mites (Acarina), and the lice and fleas of the insect family. Their role in human disease transmission has been well documented, as has their importance in agricultural and domestic animals. Little however has been done to comprehensively examine the role these organisms may play in disease transmission and their impact upon native Australian fauna. It is important to consider the effects of such disease agents on the survival of both captive and wild native animal populations, particularly as exposure to a novel pathogen may remove endangered animals that are a vital pool of genetic diversity.

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Microbiology Australia 26 (Issue 2)

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